FEM is a Danish design studio focusing on furniture and interior design. The studio is Aarhus based and consists of the design duo Anders Engholm and Sarah Cramer.

The philosophy of FEM is based on interactions between the designers, their diversity and mixed competences and the thought of design being seen as well as felt. Therefore, the balancing act between functionality and aesthetics is the main focus when designing. FEM’s passion is to design products and spaces that will push traditional boundaries and arouse curiosity. The aim is to design the perfect solution that fulfills the customers’ expectations but also to challenge design methods in general and to gain new experiences in the process.

“We are two designers with two very different backgrounds and different personalities. We believe the interaction between our differences and our various competences is what makes FEM unique and gives us the opportunity to bring something new to the design scene”.

. International Design Award 2015 - Top 50 Jury Selection
. Pure Talents Contest 2015, IMM - Finalist
. Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2014 - Finalist
. BO BEDRE Travel Grant 2014 - New and Upcoming designers
. HAY Talent Award 2014, Formland - Finalist

. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2016, Greenhouse
. IMM Cologne 2016, Danish Designmakers
. CPH Shelter
. Northmodern 2015, ICON Exhibition & Eclectic Atelier
. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2015, Greenhouse
. Formland Spring 2015, Up Coming Designers
. IMM Cologne 2015, Pure Talents Award
. Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2014, Designzone
. DesignTrade Autum 2014, Talentstreet
. London Design Week 2014, TENT
. Formland Autum 2014, HAY Talent Award
. Milan Design Week 2014, Ventura Lambrate
. Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2014, GreenHouse
. Formland Spring 2014, UpComing